Part 7 of little cars go to rainbow town

And then what happened next was that little yellow went into the flower shop and got some flowers to take home to little brown who had broken down, while little green went to the library and got out some books to take home to read out loud to little brown who had broken down and little blue went to the ice cream shop and got ice cream to share with everybody at the little car party, little red, little purple, little pink and pobb stayed parked next to the unicorn, all listening to the last laughs of the kookaburra.

Who wants to give me a ride back to the other side of the bottlenecked bridge?," said the fork, "I want to get back to my ever so comfortable bed in the left sock of the story telling man who will have lit the fire by now so he can sit next to it and tell everyone the stories he can see in the flames."

"Pick me". said little red

"Pick me". said little blue

"Pick me". said little green

"Pick me". said little yellow

"Pick me". said little purple

"Pick me". said little pink

"Pick me". said pobb.

I'll pick you all." said the fork, and then they all raced as safely as possible over the bottleneck bridge stopping every so often so the fork could have a ride in all the little cars before they dropped him off on their way  towards their home, deep in the forest at the end of a gravel road and high in the hills with their little headlights shining bright as bright as could be.

And then, because the way back always seems to be shorter than the way there - and because the dog was asleep and there were no forks in the road - all the little cars raced as safely as possible towards their little car house at the end of the gravel road, deep in the forest and high in the hills above rainbow town and when they got there, well, you can imagine for yourself what happened, because now itís time to turn the light out and go to sleep.....   Good Night 


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