Part 5 of little cars go to rainbow town

Now pobb was a very smart little car, he had recognized the fork and the spoon to be clues, he still wasn't sure what they were clues to, but, he had been a little car long enough to know what a clue was, particularly if he had seen that clue actually stuck in the road.

"We need to find the story telling fork next if we are to be the king of finding once more" said Lefty, the left sock of storytelling man from rainbow town.

"Every good story has a fork in it, some stories have lots of forks in them" said Righty, the storytelling man's right sock.

"We've only got the one story telling fork.” said Lefty. “

And it's usually to be found at the start of a story." said Righty

And it was at this exact moment.......
that the fork came walking down the road which was an interesting thing to see because a fork doesn't have legs.

"Hello Fork". said the talking spoon to the walking fork.

"Hello Spoon". said the walking fork to the talking spoon.

"That was way cool, the way that the fork handled the road," said little red to the other little cars. "I would have thought a fork would walk using its pointy parts like an octopus".

There was no reply from the fork or the spoon and then, without another word out of the mouth it dint have, the story telling fork poked its pointy parts back into the road, and once more, the story split into several parts at once.

"Time to cross the bottlenecked bridge if you want to get to rainbow town before the kookaburras sing the sun setting song." said the bottlenosed dolphin.

What song do the kookaburras sing as the sun goes down? asked Pobb.

"They sing a sundown song that sounds the opposite of what they sing first thing as the sun is rising in the morning." said the left sock of storytelling man from rainbow town with a laugh a lot like a kookaburras'.

"In the morning, they start laughing about the day to come and at night, they are laughing about the day just lived. said the right sock.

“In the morning they laugh ahahahahahahah.” said Lefty.

“and in the evening they laugh hahahahahahaha.” said Righty.

"Notice how the words hahahahaha and ahahahahahah look a lot like caterpillars laying on their backs with their legs in the air?"

Pointed out the walking talking fork.

And then the walking talking fork stuck itself back into the road so it wouldn't look like an octopus and be chased (again) by the bottlenosed dolphin who lived under the bottlenecked bridge, because, like all dolphins and porpoises, the bottlenosed dolphin who lived under the bottlenecked bridge that you have to cross if you want to get to rainbow town loved chasing after squid and octopuses in much the same way that a dog likes to bark at cars.

Which is, as we know, lots of fun for the dog, but makes no sense to the car.

All of the little cars started their engines and headed as safely as possible over the bottlenecked bridge.

The story telling man tucked the talking spoon into his right sock and then he threw the walking fork high in the sky until it landed in the next part of the story, which, fortunately for us, is right in the middle of rainbow town and on the other side of the bottlenecked bridge.

"What are we doing?" asked Lefty.

"Where are we going?" asked Righty.

"Those socks sure sound like dogs." remarked the cow to the dolphin.

"Do you speak dog?" asked the dolphin.

"I can't bark dog" said the cow. "I got the wrong shaped ears for it."

"Ears!" said the dolphin, "O how I wish I had ears."

"Huh?if you don't have ears how come you can hear me?" said the cow.

"The same way that little cars can eat ice cream." replied the dolphin

"That's no answer" said the cow.

"I know," said the dolphin, "but like the spoon said earlier, it suits the porpoise of the story." 

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