Part 4 of little cars go to rainbow town

"How a spoon got in this story I have no idea". said the cow who lived next to the bottleneck bridge that you have to find if you want to get to rainbow town.

"Wow, I can understand cow," said the spoon.

"How a talking spoon got in this story I have no idea" said the cow, "please tell me how you can talk if you don't have a mouth".

"The same way that little cars eat ice cream." said the spoon.

"That's no answer" said the cow.

"It suits the purpose of the story to have a talking spoon appear in it." said the spoon.

"Porpoise? what porpoise?" said the cow.

"This porpoise". said the bottle nosed dolphin who lived under the bottle necked bridge that you have to find if you want to get to rainbow town.

"It suits me to have the talking spoon that fell out of the right sock of the storytelling man from rainbow town appear at this point of the story and if we are lucky, the spoon will tell us all about the fork.

"We saw a fork at the start of the story". said little red.

"The fork we saw was actually stuck in the actual road". said little blue.

"It wasn't a talking fork". said little green.

Number Three didn't say anything because her horn wasn't working properly.

"We havenít seen any socks." said little yellow.

"I think the fork and the spoon are both clues". said pob cleverly.

Little pink blinked his blinkers. blink, blink, blink.

What are those little cars blinking and beeping about? said the cow.

"No point asking me' said the spoon, "It seems that at this point of the story, I can only understand cow and dolphin."

And it was just then,
at that exact moment that.
The storytelling man - himself - from rainbow town came skipping and whistling across the bottlenecked bridge.


I am the King of finding,
in case you need reminding.

but the title isn't binding,
unless fork and spoon I'm finding,
as the story is unwinding.

I'll keep singing this finding tune,
until I find that fork 'n spoon.

Hey Hey Hey!

Have any of you characters thought to ask if the child is asleep? said the storytelling man to the cow, the spoon, the dolphin and all the little cars as soon as he joined them.

"Not me" said the cow.

"Not me" said the spoon.

"Not me" said the dolphin.

"Not me" said number one.

"Not me" said little blue.

"Not me" said little yellow.

"Not me" said little green.

"Not me" said pobb

little pink blinked his blinkers,

blink, blink, blink.

"If the child is still awake," said the storytelling man from rainbow town,
"they must say pobb out loud three times for the next part of the story." 

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