The first part of the first story.

There is a family of little cars that live at the end of a gravel road deep in the forest and high in the hills above Rainbow Town and this is one of their stories.

There was a red one named little red

There was a blue one named little blue

There was a green one named little green

There was a pink one named little pink

and the little orange one?

his name was pobb

That's Pea Oh with a Double Bee. Everyone called him pobb because that was the sound he made when he zoomed along the road.




anyway, one day all the little cars was driving down the gravel road together and they came to a fork in the road.

Yes, an actual fork, stuck in the road.

and there was a horse standing in the field near the fork in the road and all the little cars pulled up in a neat little line, next to the horse, that was near the fork, that was in the road.

little blue asked the horse which was the way to the ice cream shop.

little green asked the horse which was the way to the library.

little red wanted to know who left their fork stuck in the road.

little yellow, who I hadn't mentioned till now because he's been hiding behind little purple, wanted to know the way to the flower shop.

little purple didn't ask the horse anything because her horn wasn't working properly.

little pink blinked his blinkers.

blink, blink, blink.

The horse listened to all of the questions from all of the little cars.

But, because he was a horse, he didn't answer them. Horses can only talk to each other, not to cars or people.

So all the little cars drove past the fork that was in the road.

Except for pobb that is.

pobb stayed behind and tried to talk to the horse.

pobb kept trying to talk to the horse, but after a very short while, the horse walked away because when a car talks to a horse, all the horse hears is beep beep beep.

This story goes on for a very long time and we haven't even got to the part with the helicopter yet and before I can even begin to talk about the helicopter, I have to ask you my child, what is the name of the little orange car.....

If you donít say pobb.

I will know that you are asleep and I can save the next bits of the story for later........

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